Posted September 27, 2012

The big reveal: Temple Made campaign launches with spectacular display

It was the event everyone was talking about, but few knew anything about.

With details held in secret, the university had been buzzing for days with speculation about exactly what Thursday’s Temple Made Live event would offer. A visit from a famous alumnus? Performance by a 90s teen pop singer? Raging presidential political debate?

As the first images of Temple game faces, football players and marching musicians flashed across the face of Paley Library Thursday, more than 2,500 in attendance got their answer. In a vibrant spectacle of moving pictures projected onto the library and Bell Tower, the university defined the essence of what it means to be “Temple Made,” the new branding campaign adopted earlier this year.

“This is much more than an advertising slogan,” said Nicole Naumoff, associate vice president for University Marketing. “It’s a mindset — it’s a mission. It’s a way of describing our faculty, students and alumni and showing the world all the amazing things they are doing.”

Using high definition video clips taken over the past several weeks, the 90-minute production emphasized Temple students’ determination, creativity and individuality, while highlighting the university’s integral role in Philadelphia’s academic, cultural and civic communities. Produced by Philadelphia-based Klip Collective using advanced video projection technology, the presentation was also Temple-made in the literal sense: students, alumni and staff served as both on-screen subjects and behind-the-scenes creative staff.

The program began with the rhythmic cadence of the Diamond Marching Band drumline before Temple alumnus DJ Royale took over to emcee during the projection. Bright cherry Temple “T” patterns were intercut with shots of students and faculty taken in Temple classrooms, laboratories and athletic venues.

The magnitude of the event showed how much Temple has grown since its years as a commuter school. Students spilled onto 13th and 14th streets from the Bell Tower concourse and Beury Beach, dancing to the music and reveling in the block-party atmosphere.

The Temple Made brand is already taking hold at the university, in Philadelphia and with prospective students throughout the Northeast. Colorful campus banners herald Temple’s return to the BIG EAST conference for football competition and highlight the university’s academic strengths. A similar outdoor and transit advertising campaign has taken root around the city, and print and online materials carrying the language are making their way to high school seniors. In addition, a radio, television and online advertising schedule will run throughout the fall.

The Temple Made concept seems to strike a chord with all those who know or are coming to know the university. 

“Tonight’s event was a celebration of all that Temple and its people stand for in Philadelphia and beyond,” said Temple President Richard M. Englert. “But it’s just the beginning. We are poised to show the world what it means to be Temple Made.”