Posted October 3, 2012

Temple students get their cake — and eat it too


“Let them eat cake.”

That was the message Temple Dining Services proclaimed to students, faculty and staff gathered Wednesday in the Student Center.

And eat they did, to the tune of 40 cake sheets baked and iced in the shape of the university’s iconic Temple “T.” The pound cake and buttermilk cream delight required 350 pounds of butter, 350 pounds of sugar and 1,500 eggs. There was enough to feed 4,000 people.

“We wanted to do something that would bring the Temple community together,” said Andrew Lebow, director of Dining Services. “And so we said ‘alright what can we do that would be really big and bring the school spirit to life at Temple?’”

Created by Sodexo’s “Baker Dave” Okapal, the baking project took 30 hours, including the final four hours 40 volunteers spent assembling the cake in the Student Center Wednesday morning as students looked on.

“I like the idea of everyone being involved in this,” said Okapal. “I want everyone to have a good time.”