Posted January 18, 2013

Electricians honored for assisting with Kardon fire

Five Temple electricians were honored last month by the Hospital Fire Marshals’ Association for assisting the Philadelphia Fire Department in extinguishing a dangerous high voltage transformer fire in the Kardon Building last February.

Electrical supervisor Sean Ounan and electricians Bill Schweizer, Bob Giles, Ralph Del Donno and Bob Haddy were nominated for the honor by Temple Fire Marshal John Maule.

Maule, a former captain in the Philadelphia Fire Department, noted that the electricians took initiative in shutting down a high voltage transformer, allowing arriving firefighters to extinguish the fire.

“Temple’s electricians voluntarily responded to assist,” Maule said. “They did this without complaint or hesitation, even though it is not in their job description.”

Without their response, Maule noted, the fire would have spread to other equipment and potentially displaced the 1,000 students living in the privately managed property.