Posted January 8, 2014

Temple University Japan collaborates with Miyagi University

Temple University Japan (TUJ) and Miyagi University (MYU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in December, in order to begin working together on academic programs, initiatives and exchanges.

The main purpose of the agreement is to promote academic collaboration between TUJ and MYU that will explore, facilitate and sustain academic programs, joint research, cultural exchanges and other educational initiatives.

“I came to know Miyagi University through my friendship with MYU President Masaru Nishigaki, and we understood that both institutions have much to gain by a relationship,” said Bruce Stronach, dean of TUJ.

“It gives TUJ students the opportunity to experience another part of Japan, as well as support the disaster area through internships and volunteer activities. It enables MYU students to experience a true American university education in Tokyo. It also allows for faculty and staff exchange, which helps faculty development at both institutions.”