Posted October 28, 2014

Faculty Focus: Law Professor Jaya Ramji-Nogales

Video Production: Gina Benigno

In this Faculty Focus segment, Jaya Ramji-Nogales discusses her passions—immigration and human rights law—and how she addresses them in her research and incorporates them into her classroom.

“The classes I teach are about access to the courtroom: What are the rules that enable people to get into court, to have their cases heard?” she said. “And it’s really important that those rules be fair and enable equal access by everyone.”

In 2007, the professor of law and co-director of Temple’s Institute for International Law and Public Policy took to the cyber world to share her interests. IntLawGrrls, a blog she helped create to promote the voices of women in world affairs, has featured over 300 women writers, covered events across the world and hosted conferences.

“The blog was started with the idea that there weren’t enough outlets for women in international law and policy and practice to express their voices,” Ramji-Nogales said. “It’s also become a great opportunity for junior scholars to get their work out there and find out about conferences—to create a network for them so that they feel like they have a place in this field.”