Posted September 8, 2015

5 reasons why rankings matter to YOU

When your school surges SIX PLACES in the U.S. News & World Report rankings
  1. This jump confirms what we already know: Temple offers a high-quality education, and our ranking is catching up with reality. We went up six spots in the 2016 U.S. News & World Report rankings to No. 115 and have catapulted 17 spots in the past five annual rankings. And just like you, Temple has #goals: top 100, Owls.

  2. The higher ranking increases the value of your degree. As Temple’s reputation grows, so does your diploma’s. Which will help when you’re looking for a job, applying to graduate school, trying to impress a date...

  3. It’s one more thing to brag about. Tell your mom, tell your best friend from high school, tell the guy next to you on the bus: Temple is red hot—in the rankings, on the football field, in the classroom and the lab, around the world.

  4. It’s one more thing to brag about: your own self. These rankings reflect the fact that Temple is more competitive than ever: You were accepted, which means you’re a smartie. You know what else went up? Students’ standardized test scores, the percentage of students in the top of their high school class, Temple’s wins over Penn State (totally unrelated to rankings, but SERIOUSLY, GUYS—we’re on fire, amirite?)...

  5. This surge demonstrates the university’s commitment to improvement and success. The higher ranking is fueled by high graduation rates, stellar programs, new facilities and outstanding faculty, among other factors. And we’re not stopping now. Or ever. Because goals. Because we’re Temple Made. Because never stopping is just the start.