Posted April 28, 2016

Disabling stigmas

Jimmy Curran, FOX ’11, is on a mission to change the dialogue about disabilities.

It’s true—everyone has limitations. But Jimmy Curran, FOX ’11, is determined to encourage people not to be defined by them.

He leads by example. Curran was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy when he was 2 years old and has been in a wheelchair ever since. He lived with his family until he attended Temple, when he moved in on campus and learned to live independently. He made friends and thrived academically, completing internships on Wall Street and Capitol Hill and eventually graduating with honors.

Curran credits the network he built at Temple with propelling him forward in his career. He works full-time as a research analyst at Independence Blue Cross and has channeled the entrepreneurial savvy he cultivated at Temple into [dis]ABLE. [dis]ABLE is a clothing brand that Curran created and launched in an effort to “disable the limits” of those with disabilities and challenge stereotypes about them. The brand’s slogan is “For those who thought I couldn’t.”He hopes [dis]ABLE will become a resource for books, documentaries and empowerment.

In a world without Temple, the dialogue about disabilities would be missing a powerful voice.

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