Posted March 1, 2017

Fox professor talks Temple, tech and cocktails

Ellen Weber, executive director of Fox’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, recently appeared in Philadelphia magazine’s “I Love My Job” feature.

Assistant Professor Ellen Weber on Temple University’s campus.
Photography By: 
Ryan S. Brandenberg
Ellen Weber, executive director of Fox’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, says she’s happy with the synergy between Temple entrepreneurs and Philadelphia’s startup scene.

Something Ellen Weber knows she won’t find anywhere other than Temple is the university’s “sheer diversity,” the Fox School of Business assistant professor recently told Philadelphia magazine.

“Of thought, experience, gender, age, race and social backgrounds,” said Weber, who teaches entrepreneurship and serves as executive director of Fox’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute. “It informs everything about this school. Best example: when one of my students created a plan to bring solar power to Africa, he told me it was because the village he grew up in didn’t have reliable power.”

Weber appeared in Philly Mag’s “I Love My Job” feature recently and shared her thoughts on everything from her favorite cocktail in the city to how to best support women in tech and the need for more tech education in Philadelphia schools. Beyond her role at Temple, Weber discussed her work as executive director of Robin Hood Ventures, a group that jump-starts startups.

She said how happy she’s been with the synergy between Robin Hood Ventures and her role at Temple. “Robin Hood provides a great source of mentors and advice to Temple entrepreneurs, Fox students have made great interns for RHV,” she said.

As for the most pressing need that the city’s tech scene should be addressing, Weber said, “our public school system. We need to invest in it to retain tech workers in the city, and we need to invest in it to make sure that we have a high-performing workforce. A lot of tech jobs do not require a college education – why aren’t we providing more tech training in schools?”

Weber’s cocktail of choice? “A sidecar or Penicillin. Philly takes its mixology seriously!” she said.

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