Posted February 13, 2018

Library collection memorializes founder Russell Conwell

The Conwell Collection houses personal belongings of the university’s founder.

Video Production: Gina Benigno

Temple recognizes Russell Conwell’s Feb. 15 birthday annually, but his legacy can be seen and felt year-round. So too can his belongings.

Paley Library’s Conwell Collection, part of the University Archives in the Special Collections Research Center, houses the university founder’s documents and belongings.

Among the possessions are his sword, letters, speeches, desk and chairs, as well as a death mask (not a typo). The mask, a plaster mold of Conwell’s face, was made upon his death in 1925.

His desk and chairs can be seen on the mezzanine in Paley. The library has also put up a two-case exhibit celebrating Conwell, which will be on display until August.