Posted July 12, 2022

Temple sets tuition rates for the upcoming 2022–2023 academic year

Board of Trustees approves a 3.9% increase for both in-state and out-of-state students; the university will also cut its budget by 3.6%.

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Joseph V. Labolito

Temple University’s Board of Trustees on July 12 approved a 3.9% increase for 2022–2023 undergraduate and graduate base tuition for both in-state and out-of-state students. The increase is intended to help offset surging inflation costs as U.S. inflation reached a near 40-year high this spring.

Base tuition will be $8,568 per semester for Pennsylvania residents and $15,432 per semester for out-of-state students. University mandatory fees will increase to $462 per semester for an increase of $17 per term. The increase comes after the university held tuition flat during two of the past three years.

“Raising tuition is not a decision that we came to lightly as we recognize the impact it has on students and families,” said Ken Kaiser, chief operating officer of Temple University. “Unfortunately, we are facing near-unprecedented inflationary pressures, and these pressures are compounded with the state appropriation remaining flat for what has now been four consecutive years. When you couple that with the increasing costs of education, we concluded that this tuition increase was necessary to ensure that we continue to provide all of our students with the high-quality, student-centered education that has always defined this institution.”

Temple also will cut its budget by 3.6%—approximately $41 million in total—to help keep its tuition costs down this academic year. This follows last year when the university cut its budget by 3%. Since the fiscal year 2020–2021, the university has cut its budget by over $115 million.

“You never want to cut the budget too significantly, as that ultimately hinders students’ educational experience,” Kaiser said. “In this case, however, we really looked closely at areas where we could potentially cut costs, even more so than in recent years. This was all done to keep the tuition increase as minimal as possible, which speaks to some of the inflationary challenges we’re facing this year.”

The university will again use its revenue to assist students in need. Approximately 18.5% of all undergraduate revenue will be put into financial aid, which traditionally equates to more than $105 million. This year’s budget includes an additional financial aid investment of $5 million to bring the total financial aid investment to over $110 million.

The state appropriation of $158.2 million is used to help make Temple University more affordable and accessible for Pennsylvania residents. Temple effectively doubles the value of the appropriation to provide every in-state resident a tuition discount of around $13,000.

Additional details are available at Temple University’s 2022–2023 tuition rate schedule and by  accessing Temple’s tuition calculator at the Bursar’s Office.