Posted January 24, 2012

State-related students will rally in Harrisburg

Members of Temple University Student Government set up shop in the Student Center atrium on Jan. 24 to encourage students to sign up for the upcoming Rally for Higher Education in Harrisburg.

On Tuesday, January 31, Temple students will gather with students from Penn State, Pittsburgh and Lincoln universities in the rotunda of the state’s capitol to encourage the state legislature to support higher education funding.

The event has been organized by the Pennsylvania Association of State-Related Students (PASS), which includes student representatives from each of the schools.

Temple Student Government, with assistance from the university, will provide buses, breakfast, lunch and permission slips for students to attend free of charge. Buses will leave the student center at 9 a.m. and return at 4 p.m. Students are responsible for making arrangements with their professors to attend the rally.

To register, visit Deadline to register is Jan. 31.