Posted September 1, 2016

Five projects transforming Temple you’ll totally dig

No, guys, that ginormous hole in the ground near Liacouras Walk is not an archaeological dig for fossils. It’s also not making way for a pool. And, no, we’re not digging to China. What Temple IS doing is building an epic new library the size of a city block. What Temple is also doing: building a new student wellness center, adoring its brand new sports complex with skyline views and drooling over the delicious restaurants opening on campus. Here are five fossils from China projects totally transforming Temple.

  1. New library  
    Where: 13th Street at Polett and Liacouras walks
    When: Completion anticipated in late 2018
    What: Slated to stand four-stories, stretch a city block and make you smarties even smarter, Temple’s new library is going to be beyond epic. Some things to know: It’ll include 24/7 study space, storage and display of the university’s special collections, the Center for Learning and Student Success, the Writing Center, an outdoor balcony (!!!) and a food service area.

  2. Temple University Sports Complex
    Where: Girard Avenue to Master Street, between 13th and Broad streets
    When: Now
    What: We like to call this the Owlplex. Head to this awesome new facility to support your fellow Owls (aaand to capture some totally Instagram-worthy pics of the skyline). Field hockey and lacrosse teams play at the southern end of the property; on the northern field, ringed by a publicly accessible track, you’ll find men’s and women’s soccer, women’s track and field, and men’s and women’s cross country. The 10-acre property also hosts intramural and club sports.

  3. Student Health and Wellness Center
    Where: 15th Street and Montgomery Avenue
    When: Completion anticipated in Fall 2017
    What: There are way too many cool things at the new Student Health and Wellness Center to count. Here are five: an indoor recreation area that will double the campus free-weight space, a 70-yard synthetic turf field, a new climbing wall, a lounge area and a juice bar. Oh, and one more cool thing: the College of Public Health will have space to let their students hone their clinical skills.

  4. Verdant Temple landscape implementation
    Where: Polett and Liacouras walks
    When: Now
    What: A more beautiful campus. New landscaping that was already installed on Liacouras Walk, from Montgomery Avenue to Shusterman Hall, was extended this summer to the intersection at Polett Walk. Also completed: upgrades to Polett that include permeable pavement to soak up rainfall and relieve the city’s drainage systems, more social spaces with new seating, new planters, LED lighting and a widened walkway.

  5. New & revamped eateries
    Where: All over campus (let your nose and stomach lead the way)
    When: Now / soon / when that craving kicks in
    What: Um, where do we start? Alumnus Justin Rosenberg will soon be opening a location of his fast-casual honeygrow restaurant of customizable stir-fries and salads on the ground floor of Morgan Hall North. Next door to honeygrow, you’ll find an Insomnia Cookies, which has already opened. A few blocks north, you can indulge in delicious hoagies at Paesano’s Philly Style at 2012 N. Broad St. (across from Johnson and Hardwick halls). And when you’re exhausted from eating way more than food than is socially acceptable, you can grab some caffeine at the Liacouras Walk Saxby’s Coffee, which underwent extensive interior renovations this summer.

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