Posted October 20, 2016

Six cherry-and-white costume ideas for Temple students

We have so many good ideas for Halloween! We’re going to make the most epic costumes campus has ever seen! The second we post our costumes on Instagram, the pic is going to go viral and Ellen DeGeneres is gonna call us! Aaaaand we’re so out of time. You’re sneaky, Oct. 31. We had so many big plans until you showed up. Fear not, Owls: The night of witches, ghouls and clowns—jk, enough with the clowns—can also be the night of the cherry and the white. Here are six costumes that incorporate your favorite colors.


  1. Mr. Ken Bone
    No one has pulled off the red Izod sweater and white tie quite like the Bone Zone. And now you can. Transform yourself into this debate-attendee-turned-questionable-viral-sensation while wearing Temple’s colors.

  2. Waldo
    Look no more, guys. Halloween is the one holiday when the mystery man in the cherry and white comes out of hiding. Throw on a red-and-white striped sweater, some glasses and a winter hat and, voila, Waldo.

  3. Thing 1 and Thing 2
    Are we the only ones always on the hunt for an excuse to wear a onesie? And this costume allows you *and* a friend to both wear onesies. Just add the iconic monikers to the belly of two cherry onesies and throw some blue in your hair.

  4. Saint Nick
    Holly, jolly, gives out gifts. Need we say more?

  5. Barbershop quartet
    Wear a striped vest, a bowtie and a top hat. Just please don’t get too into character and start giving out free haircuts.

  6. The Cherry Crusade
    Because we should all aspire to show our pride as much as they do—not just on Halloween, but all year round.