Posted March 23, 2017

Burgers, biz, boots with the fur: 10 things to do before semester's end

Never mind that filthy snow residue, guys: Spring is here! The flowers are rising and the school year is waning! But there’s still tons to do before you walk away from North Broad. Want to eat some free burgers? There’s an event for that. Want to *save our planet* before spending your summer lazing about? Totally doable. Want to meditate with a monk while wearing your boots with the fur? Whatever floats your boat, Owls. Here are 10, (mostly) sensible things to do to during the final weeks of the year.

Graphic Illustration featuring grill, ben franklin silhouette and earth globe

1. Follow the leaders.
Are you a senior preparing to spread your wings in the workplace in, like, a month—or a head start-happy freshman? Leadership Week starts today, kicking off with a presentation on how to set boundaries and handle conflict in friend-business relationships. Over the next three days, there’s a LinkedIn 101 presentation on the basics of the site (what is an adequate profile pic?) and an introduction to the LinkedIn student app, a viewing of The Internship and a workshop on how to turn “failure” into a constructive learning experience.
Leading When Your Followers...: Monday, March 27, 2‒3 p.m., Room 223, Student Center
LinkedIn 101: Tuesday, March 28, 2‒3 p.m., Room 217D, Student Center
Leadership Movie Night
: Wednesday, March 29, 5:30‒7:30 p.m., 200B, Student Center
Failure 101: Thursday, March 30, 2‒3 p.m., 220, Student Center

2. Meet Ben.
Have you met Ben? Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, that is. OK, so you just discovered your future boss status at Leadership Week; now it’s time to see how you can turn those dreams into reality. This group provides capital, counsel and connections to tech-focused startups and companies. So if that’s where you see yourself in a few years, go ahead and meet Ben. There’ll be snacks, networking and showcases of LaunchPad startups like Addacity, Me.mory and Pinpointer.
Thursday, March 30, 4‒6:30 p.m., 200ABC, Student Center

3. Meditate with a monk.
OK, we suggest wellness events a lot—and for good reason. Students take on oodles of stress + tension (a TECH desk chair will never substitute for a mattress). Luckily for tension-ridden Owls, the Bhakti Yoga Club is hosting a night of meditation, and a conversation with a real life, world traveling, Yale-educated monk (we can’t even begin to list the #goals). He’ll be talking all kinds of topics, like mental stress, karma and how to access higher knowledge.
Thursday, April 6, 6‒8 p.m., 200A, Student Center

4. Scream on a Sunday (with a sundae).
Looking for an epic space opera—or to be too scared to sleep ever again? We don’t know, some people are into that kinda thing. The Reel is showing two flicks in April: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (that one about the Rebel Alliance) and Rings (that one about the creepy “7 days” girl). At both events you’ll get a $2 ticket and the full concession stand access (accepts cash and Diamond Dollars)—at the one-night Rings showing, you’ll also be treated to an ice cream sundae as part of Sundae Night Screams.
Rogue One: Thursday, April 6‒9, 7 p.m. & 10 p.m., The Reel, Student Center (Tickets: $2 with TUid)
Rings: Sunday, April 23, 7 p.m., The Reel, Student Center (Tickets: $2 with TUid)

5. Feel the love.
It’s a l-o-v-e double feature this April with two shows presented by Temple Theaters: She Loves Me: A Concert and Love and Information. The former is a musical comedy about bickering co-workers who unknowingly write each other anonymous love letters. The latter is about love in the internet age. Comprised of 57 mini scenes, Love and Information can be arranged in any order, so catch two different versions of the show (one directed by Liz Carlson, MFA ’15, and one by Noah Herman, MFA ’18).
She Loves Me: Friday, April 14‒16, Temple Performing Arts Center (Tickets: $10 with TUid)
Love and Information
: Wednesday, April 19‒30, Randall Theatre (Tickets: $10 with TUid)

6. Eat a burger (or two) with the Prez.
Mid-April marks the beginning of that recurring campus phenomenon when we all desperately need more brain food but our Diamond $$$ and swipes are moving toward the red. Don’t fret—Prez Englert’s got you covered. You’re invited to kick it with our president at his BBQ. Take in some sun (hopefully) and some grub (definitely).
Wednesday, April 19, 11 a.m.–1:30 p.m., Founder’s Garden

7. Put on your boots with the fur.
At last year’s Owlchella, we were DC chillin with Wale and Fetty. This year, we’re going to be dancing in...Florida??? Oh, right: We’re going to be grooving to DNCE, of “Cake by the Ocean” fame, and Flo Rida, who brought us middle school bops (“Low,” anyone?) as well as college ones (um, “My House”). Tickets are on sale now at the Liacouras Box Office.
Thursday, April 20, 7 p.m., Liacouras Center (Tickets: $20 with TUid)

8. Help your mother (Earth).
DYK Ambler Campus hosts an annual EarthFest outdoor festival? DYK that last year more than 6,500 people attended? To ensure a safe, enjoyable time for all, Ambler is seeking volunteers to fill more than 100 slots. Volunteers get a free shirt (score!), free lunch (double score!), plus you can check out all the super cool exhibitors when you’re done with your shift. Shifts available: 7‒9:30 a.m. (setup), 9:30 a.m.‒12 p.m. and 12‒2:30 p.m. Contact the volunteer coordinators at
Friday, April 28, 9:30 a.m.‒2 p.m., Ambler Campus

9. Take a road trip.
While we would suggest you use your study days for, well, studying, this would be a parent- or professor-approved road trip for sure. Blackstone LaunchPad is taking students on a full-day tour of four local businesses. You’ll get a close-up look at startup life, as well as access to established makerspaces, so be prepared to network. At each stop, roadtrippers will get a tour, a Q&A and talks with the pros. With free lunch and transportation, we’d call it a study day well spent.
Wednesday, May 3, 9 a.m.‒3 p.m., various locations (meet at Blackstone LaunchPad, Student Center)

10. Dance, glow and get a massage.
We know your grades are super, super important, but...promise us you won’t forget about your health (physical and mental) during those multi-day stress fests? For some blood-pumping fun, Campus REC is offering its usual finals-time activities including Dance til you Drop, an outdoor Zumba session, and Yoga Glow, a glow stick-happy yoga session. On the same day as Yoga Glow, you can pop into TUF for Mini Massages, 10-minute massages by a certified massage therapist. Sign-ups at IBC day of.
Dance til you Drop: Tuesday, May 2, 7‒10 p.m., Erny Outdoor Courts, IBC Student Recreation Center
Mini Massages: Wednesday, May 3, 4‒8 p.m., TU Fitness
Yoga Glow: Wednesday, May 3, 7‒8:30 p.m., Erny Outdoor Courts, IBC Student Recreation Center