Posted October 27, 2017

Get spooked: Freaky Temple connections

Raise your hand if Hooter from the ’80s got you shook. Now, picture old school Hooter dancing. Scared yet? That’s not the only Temple jawn creeping us out. Apparently, there’s some bizarre activity going down on campus. It’s *cough* obviously Russell *cough cough* Conwell. If our founder’s ghost chilling on campus isn’t odd enough, then look to the Temple grad who’s scaring the entire world with his brain. Wait, what? Guess you’ll just have to read our list of freaky-deaky Temple connections to see what we’re talking about.

Hooter from the 1980s.
  • Gremlin Hooter from the ’80s
    Most of you probably already know why we’re the Temple Owls. We were a night school back in the day, so studying+nighttime=Owl. Makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is where this Hooter came from. Our guess is somewhere very, very dark. With cake, apparently.

    Or maybe Hooter looks like this because there is still a little bit of Victor left inside of him. Don’t know about Victor? He is Hooter’s evil alterego. JK. Victor E. Owl (get it?) was our first costumed Owl mascot who started in 1977. Seven years later, there was a contest to rename the mascot and Hoot was born.

  • Russell Conwell forever
    ICYMI: Russell Conwell is buried on campus. Yup. Now you officially know why it’s called Founder’s Garden. This makes it pretty easy to think his ghost is always hanging around.

    Last year, folks at Temple Performing Arts Center contacted our student org that investigates paranormal activity—more on that later—because the elevator was, apparently, acting funny.

    Turns out, the elevator is on a timer... One more thing: While on the stage, the students conducted an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recording. They asked for a knock and, 15 seconds later, they got one on their recording.

    Did they find anything? Kind of, but not really. But, maybe. Or maybe not?

  • Hoot Paranormal Society
    This is the student organization that investigated TPAC and have done other similar investigations all over the city. They train everyone in the group so that you know how to properly tap into the paranormal and don’t stir up anything unwanted.

    Their meetings are 5 p.m. Tuesdays in Student Center Room 217D or at The Underground. Look forward to discussing future investigations and topics like sorcery and witches.

  • Dude who wrote the screenplay for It? He’s a Temple grad.
    Gary Dauberman studied film and media arts and graduated in 2002. When it comes to scary movies, he isn’t clowning around (had to) because he has a few of them under this belt. He wrote Annabelle: Creation and is working on a TV show, The Terrestrial, and a sequel to It. Commencement speaker? Anyone?

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