Posted February 1, 2018

Gimme that za: 8 places to get Temple Made pizza

National Pizza Day is a thing. A real thing. OK, it’s not all that surprising considering literally everything has its own day (International Owl Awareness Day is Aug. 4). Anyway, it’s real and it’s this Friday! To honor this delicacy that has always been there for us in every situation ever, we’re obviously gonna eat pizza. And we’re gonna eat pizza made by Temple alumni. Who else could better understand our cheesy, doughy needs than fellow Owls? No one—that was a trick question. Here’s exactly where in Philly you can score a Temple Made pie.

A square pizza with “TU” in pepperoni.

For your lazy days: Campus Pizza Restaurant
Let’s be honest. Sometimes the best pizza is the pizza that's closest to you. Campus Pizza Restaurant is right next to campus at 10th and Diamond streets. Tell them Nutshell sent you. You won’t get anything for free and they'll probably look at you weird, but just do it.

For when you want to be a little extra for game day: Conshohocken Italian Bakery and Collegeville Italian Bakery
Need your pizza to be as Temple proud as you are? Both of these bakeries serve tomato pies that can be branded with our beloved Temple “T” in parmesan cheese. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll look cool if you show up to a tailgate or viewing party with one of these pizzas.

For the most Instragram-worthy pie: Pizza Gutt 
This spot has got you covered for that perfect food pic. Check out its Instagram (@pizza_gutt) to  see why pizza maker Daniel Gutter has called his endeavor “Instagram's first pizza shop.” His square pizza creations made him Instagram famous and now he is selling pies at W/N W/N, a café and bar at 931 Spring Garden St. He only serves on certain days, and sells a set amount of pizza each day. Make sure you follow his Instagram to see the selection. Reservations are recommended.

For when you really want to get to know your pizza: Pizza Brain 
History has never been cheesier. And by that we mean made with actual cheese. This wacky pizza joint doesn’t just serve up pizza—it’s also home to a museum dedicated to pizza culture. Dubbed the “first ever pizza museum in the country,” it holds a Guinness World Record for their pizza memorabilia collection. Plus, the menu is as creative as the space.

For when you don’t want to feel too bad about eating an entire pizza: SliCE Pizza 
SliCE Pizza prides itself on serving the good stuff with an organic, non-GMO and sustainable approach. Vegan? Vegetarian? Gluten free? SliCE got you covered. And they have multiple locations: Fishtown, the Italian Market and Rittenhouse.

For when you want a taste of New Jersey: Porta
It’s OK to want a taste of New Jersey as long as you’re talking about pizza. This popular pizzeria recently open an outpost in Center City. The menu has a pretty wide selection of Italian dishes but the Neapolitan pizza is definitely king. Or queen. Or just the best.

For the OG slice (and dessert): Capofitto
Sometimes you just need a classic slice of za. Capofitto’s recipes are Italian-inspired and so are the café’s dessert options. Save room for some award-winning gelato, that is if you can stop yourself from just eating more pizza.

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