One system, many answers

Have you ever wondered where to go for a transcript, what form is used for travel reimbursement, or who in the world Russell Conwell was? Well, wonder no more. The answer to each of these questions and more can be found in the Temple University Knowledge Base, an online repository of questions and answers that provides valuable answers about how to get things done at Temple.

Prepared in a searchable question and answer format, the Knowledge Base consists entirely of information that has been certified by the university department responsible for handling that information. For example, answers to questions about travel reimbursement are certified by Accounts Payable/Travel Reimbursement. The system is updated periodically to ensure that the information remains current and accurate.

Additionally, each question and answer contains contact information for the associated department. So if you find a question and answer that is not quite what you were looking for, or if you need more clarification, you have a way of reaching the appropriate representative to assist you.

But if you still have trouble finding what you’re looking for, you can send your question to the Knowledge Base and system administrators will route your question to the appropriate department for handling. You will receive an email notification when your question is answered.

The Temple University Knowledge Base recognizes that each department website contains a wealth of information and is designed to direct users to that information from a central location. The Knowledge Base will also play an integral role in the continued implementation of Project Enterprise by providing a resource for frequently asked questions regarding each component of the project.

To try out the new system, go to and log in using your Accessnet username and password. If your question does not generate a specific answer, send it to the Knowledge Base so that it can be added to the systems for the benefit of others seeking similar information.

For assistance with technical issues, please contact the Computer Services Help Desk at For any general questions, comments or concerns, please e-mail