Online anti-harassment employee training program begins

In an ongoing effort to support and maintain a harassment-free workplace and educational environment, Temple University is rolling out an online anti-harassment education program titled “Harassment is…” for all faculty and staff. This short video and evaluation will familiarize you with the university’s anti-harassment policies and give you the tools necessary to determine when to take appropriate action and whom you should contact if confronted with unlawful conduct.

To access this program, go to and enter your TUID to log in. If you do not know your TUID, you can log in to the TUPortal using your Accessnet Username and password and click on “Get My TUID” on the left hand side of the webpage.

All Temple faculty and staff are required to complete this interactive module by June 30, 2011. You will receive periodic email reminders from Please do not delete these messages as they will have important information regarding the online anti-harassment program.

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that will provide you with information to help you navigate through this program. If you have any further questions about the content or applicable Temple University policies, please contact Eric Brunner in Human Resources at 215-926-2218 or the Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance at 215-204- 8890.

Thank you for your compliance with this important initiative.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What if I need to stop the program in the middle of the course?

The program is divided into sections and you can stop at any point – it will bookmark you back to the beginning of the section you are currently in. You may not however, bookmark the quiz – you will have to take that in its entirety.

2. Do I need to pass the quiz in order to get credit for taking this course?

Yes, you are allowed to take the quiz as often as needed in order to achieve a 100% score. Once you have taken the quiz, please score your exam, and then, if you haven’t received 100%, go back and review your answers. Feel free to write down the ones you missed so that you can learn from the experience. You will then have to go back to the main menu and retake the quiz. Note: The course will remain “in progress” until you get 100% and “master” the quiz.

3. Do the quiz questions have an audio component?

All of the questions and answers do have an audio component except for the last three slides, which are customized and specific to Temple University. The audio will automatically turn off at this point.

— Fay Trachtenberg, associate university counsel

— Karen Cherwony, associate vice president, Human Resources