Bob Sanders speaking at a Chamber event.
Workforce readiness takes center stage during Chamber conversation
Type: News Story
Panel discussion held at Temple focuses on how the next generation can be prepared to succeed in today’s labor market.
June 18, 2024
Associate Professor of Biology Vincenzo Carnevale in front of white board with equations
Temple researchers identify potential alternative to opioids for pain
Type: News Story
The researchers, in collaboration with a West Coast biotech firm, are investigating an ion channel that may be used to reduce pain.
January 7, 2020
Faculty of the Game: Jacqueline Tanaka
Type: Accolade
Jacqueline Tanaka, associate professor of biology in the College of Science and Technology, was honored with the "Faculty of the Game" award during the Temple men's basketball game on Dec. 18. She was recognized for her outstanding teaching and mentorship of biology students.
December 17, 2013
Research cruise to explore ocean acidification; film to document the rising problem
Type: News Story
Erik Cordes, marine biologist and assistant professor of biology at Temple, will lead an NSF-funded, three-week research cruise in the Gulf of Mexico to explore the effects of rising ocean acidification on deepwater corals. The cruise will take place next spring aboard the state-of-the-art research vessel Atlantis, operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.
November 22, 2013
Otvos named regional editor
Type: Accolade
July 19, 2012
Birds & buildings: A deadly mix
Type: News Story
Twice each year, countless birds migrate from the northernmost reaches of Alaska to the sunny warmth of Brazil. But their incredible journeys can be cut short by a simple pane of glass. The transparent and reflective nature of windows makes glass invisible to birds, causing them to collide with buildings with deadly results.
June 3, 2009