Center for Spatial Intelligence and Learning

Spatial cognition researchers will connect through grant-funded virtual institute
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The Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center, headquartered at Temple and led by psychology professor Nora Newcombe, has been awarded a $300,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to form the Thematic Network in Spatial Cognition, a virtual institute that will connect researchers from around the world in support of advancing the study of spatial cognition.
November 8, 2012
Spatial skills may be improved through training, new review finds
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Spatial skills — those employed in reading maps and assembling furniture — can be improved if you work at it, according to a new look at studies on the topic undertaken by researchers at Northwestern University and Temple. Children who do well at spatial tasks such as putting together puzzles are likely to achieve highly in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.
August 1, 2012