Researchers dig into Hurricane Sandy’s geological legacy
Type: News Story
On Friday, Temple earth and environmental science faculty and graduate students explored areas along a New Jersey beachfront to uncover the geological signature of Superstorm Sandy recorded in the layers of sand. The researchers examined washovers and other geological features for deposits of light and heavy minerals in the sand as evidence of the wave surges that caused so much destruction.
December 10, 2012
Environmental Science students rock the holidays at annual sale
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Last week's annual campus jewelry sale conducted by earth and environmental science students offered gifts from around the world in time for the holidays. Proceeds from the sale support the students' participation in summer field training courses.
December 13, 2011
Seaside detectives search coastline for clues about storms of yesteryear
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Professor Ilya Buynevich and his students dug down 23 feet below the ground at Sewell Point in Cape May, N.J. The seaside detectives were looking for clues that would reveal how coastal wetlands evolved in prehistoric times.
July 5, 2011