Reminder: City police to again enforce ‘zero tolerance’ for World Series

This is an exciting time in the City of Philadelphia and – win or lose – emotions will run high as the World Series moves forward.

I’m writing to alert you to the plans the Philadelphia Police will be enforcing following the last game of the World Series, regardless of the outcome. Once again, police will be enforcing a “zero tolerance” policy to prevent injury and property damage. As many of you saw at the end of the National League series, City Police were out in force. They plan to have even greater numbers of officers during a World Series conclusion. Anyone caught violating the city’s zero tolerance plans will be arrested and charged.

Most importantly, City Police have reinforced their warning against marching to City Hall following the game.

I also want to reinforce these important points:

  • Temple Campus Police will also be out in force patrolling the campus.
  • Celebrations that disrupt our community, disturb our neighbors, or damage their property will not be tolerated.
  • The university will take disciplinary action against students who violate the Student Conduct Code. University disciplinary action would be in addition to any charges the city would file.

Temple students have celebrated responsibly in the run up to the World Series. I encourage you to continue to make the University proud, regardless of the final outcome.

-- Carl Bittenbender, executive director of Campus Safety Services