Special Task Force to review Freeh Report

The recently-released independent report by Judge Louis Freeh addressed a number of important matters. I believe every university should take Judge Freeh's report as an opportunity to review its own policies and procedures.

With this in mind, I have created a Special Task Force for Temple University. The charge for the Special Task Force is (1) to review in detail the Report of the Special Investigative Counsel ("the Freeh Report") of July 12, 2012, (2) to identify potential implications for Temple University (including the Temple University Health System) and potential recommendations for action if warranted by its findings and (3) to make a report on its findings and any recommendations simultaneously to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, University Counsel and the Acting President.

I am pleased to report that JoAnne Epps, Dean of the Beasley School of Law, has agreed to chair the Special Task Force. Joining her as members will be William Bergman, Vice President for Operations; Dr. James Earl Davis, Interim Dean of College of Education; Dr. John DiMino, Director of Tuttleman Counseling Services and a licensed psychologist; Michael Gebhardt, Deputy University Counsel; Dr. Stephanie Ives, Dean of Students; Beth Koob, General Counsel for Temple University Health System; Eleanor Myers, Associate Professor in the Beasley School of Law and Faculty Athletics Representative; Harry Young, Associate Vice President for Human Resources; and Lisa Zimmaro, Associate Vice President of University Risk Management. The Task Force will be staffed by senior administrators: Anne Nadol, Assistant Vice President, Executive Office of the President; Kathryn D’Angelo, Assistant Vice President, Finance and Administration; and Sherryta Freeman, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Compliance.

The Special Task Force will begin its work immediately and provide a final report by September 15. If in the course of its work the Task Force identifies any matters that need immediate attention, then it has the discretion to make recommendations at any time prior to September 15.

I want to thank everyone on the Special Task Force for his or her willingness to serve in this important endeavor, and will report to the community on their findings as warranted.

Richard M. Englert
Acting President