WINTER 2018 Issue

Cover Story
There’s nothing more prestigious than a RHODES SCHOLARSHIP.
Temple physicians, researchers and alumni lead the battle against Philly's opioid epidemic.
A unique city-wide project breathes new life into broken and abandoned instruments.
Campus Voice
The Bell Tower and Founder’s Garden renovations enliven two of the most storied spots on campus.
A Temple professor looks to shed light on one of physics' greatest unknowns.

WINTER 2017 Issue

  • Campus Voice
    Thanks to Laura Reddick, Temple is one of the most military-friendly...
  • Alumni Spotlight
    Jana Monaco turned a personal tragedy into a triumph for children born with...
  • Alumni Spotlight
    New York–based new media artist Angela Washko strategizes to create more...
  • Alumni Spotlight
    When creating the vision for his steampunk epic, Matthew Daley drew inspiration...
  • Cover Story
    Daily determination and explosive strength define the Temple rower.
  • Students
    Temple's information science and technology students program a legacy.
  • Alumni
    At 40, author Mary Elizabeth Williams, SMC '88, was diagnosed with cancer...
  • Community
    Strrategically placed improvements are revitalizing sections of Germantown...
  • Research
    Visual artist and Associate Professor Elisabeth Subrin makes her feature film...