Update and Call to Action on the Commonwealth budget

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s budget process is entering its final weeks, and Temple University still needs your support to ensure a fair appropriation. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed a budget that would reduce Temple funding by 25% from last year. This is an improvement from the governor’s initial proposal, which included a 50% reduction. However, a 25% reduction is still significant and will force the university to consider a broad range of options to replace the $47 million decrease in funding.

As the State Senate considers the House version of the budget and negotiations continue on a final budget, it is important that Temple and higher education remain a priority for legislators. We must remain engaged and continue to stand with Temple until the budget is complete.

Please use TALON’s online tools to contact your legislators. It doesn’t take long. If you already have contacted your legislator, please ask your friends, family members and peers to do the same. By sharing this email within your networks, posting links to the TALON site on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler and spreading the word, you can help ensure that Pennsylvania’s leaders get the message that supporting Temple should be a priority in the budget.

Thank you for all that you already have done to support Temple. Since the start of the legislative session in January, TALON has sent more than 8,000 letters and emails to members of the General Assembly and Governor Corbett. Please know that your efforts have been incredibly important and effective in generating support for increased funding.

However, there is still work to be done in the next three weeks. Please take a moment to contact your legislators and encourage your network to do the same.

Thank you!

—Kenneth Lawrence Jr., Senior Vice President for Government, Community and Public Affairs