Using a corporate travel card for Temple University travel expenses

The American Express corporate travel card program at Temple University provides employees with a convenient method of paying for university-approved travel expenses. This card is made available to our employees in lieu of the university issuing travel advances.

Obtaining a corporate travel card

An American Express Corporate Card application is available on the accounts payable travel web site []. Once your application is completed, please forward it directly to Assistant Director Lydia Vasquez for submission to American Express.

After receiving credit approval, the corporate charge card company will issue a card. The card will be mailed to the applicant’s home approximately two weeks after the application is received. One card is issued per applicant. The annual fee for the card is paid by the university.

Go to to apply for a card.

Use of the corporate travel card

The card is to be used for official university business and reimbursable travel expenses such as lodging, meals and other approved travel expenses. Only business-related travel expenses and business meal expenses in accordance with the University Travel Policy [ ] are reimbursable.

Responsibility for payment of the card

The American Express mails statements directly to the employee, who is responsible for paying all charges on a corporate account in a timely fashion. The university will not pay American Express directly. The Accounts Payable Department will reimburse the employee for travel and business expenses. However, the university will not pay interest or late fees on the account. It is the responsibility of the employee to pay his or her corporate charge card account bill by its due date.

The cardholder is expected to comply with all terms stated in the disclosure agreement accompanying the issuance of the card.

Termination of accounts

Employee participation in the university charge card program will terminate under any of the following conditions:

• When the cardholder is no longer employed by the university.

• When an account becomes delinquent (past 30 days) more than six times in any 12-month period.

• When an account is 120 days past due, American Express terminates the card.