Zero Tolerance

The university has learned that Philadelphia Police will be enforcing a "zero tolerance" policy to prevent injury and damages if the Phillies win the National League race. City Police will be out in force and have made it clear that anyone caught violating the city’s zero tolerance plans will be arrested and charged.

Most importantly, Philadelphia Police will not allow anyone to march to City Hall.

In addition, students should keep these points in mind:

  • Temple Campus Police will also be out in force patrolling campus.

  • Remember that celebrations that disrupt our community, disturb our neighbors, or damage their property will not be tolerated.

  • As Dean of Students Tutelman stated in her letter last week, the university can and will take disciplinary action against those who have violated the Student Conduct Code. University disciplinary action can come in addition to any charges the city would file.

While everyone hopes the Phillies will repeat last year’s win, keep in mind that the city is determined to prevent the damage and injuries that followed 2008’s National League and World Series victories.

-- Carl Bittenbender, executive director of Campus Safety Services