Michael Klein elected honorary fellow of Trinity College at Cambridge

College of Science and Technology Interim Dean Michael Klein has been elected as an honorary fellow of Trinity College, a college of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Klein joins an elite group of less than 30 honorary fellows of Trinity, who are generally alumni elected based on having attained high distinction in academic or public life. The group includes Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh; Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales; and, most recently, mathematician Andrew Wiles, who is noted for proving Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Although Klein is not an alumnus of Trinity College, he does have connections to Cambridge and the college. He was first invited to visit Cambridge University in the early 1980s while working for the National Research Council of Canada, and in 1985 was again invited to Trinity as a fellow commoner and spent six months there doing research. He later served as a visiting professor Sydney Sussex College, which is also a part of the University of Cambridge.

In the past decade, Klein has twice served on international review panels of chemistry and chemistry research in his native United Kingdom, both involving the University of Cambridge.

Klein is also a fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Royal Society of London, Royal Society of Canada, The World Academy of Science, Indian Academy of Sciences, Mongolian National Academy of Sciences, American Physical Society, Institute of Physics (UK), Royal Society of Chemistry, Chemical Research Society of India and the Materials Research Society of India.

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