AlliedBarton security guards at Temple to receive paid sick days

William Bergman, Temple University’s vice president for operations, has announced that the AlliedBarton security guards who work full time on a Temple campus will be eligible to receive up to three paid sick days per year.

Beginning Feb. 1, 2008, guards will be eligible to receive one paid sick day for each year that they work on a Temple campus, up to a maximum of three days per year.

“These paid sick days are in addition to 10 paid vacation days that AlliedBarton guards already receive after three years of service, which also may be used for absences due to illness,” Bergman explained. “This means that the security guards will be eligible for up to 13 days off with pay per year for illness after they have worked three years on our campus,” he added.

The sick-day program that is being implemented at Temple is similar to one adopted by the University of Pennsylvania last year for AlliedBarton security guards who work on its campus.