Operations updates during Hurricane Sandy

Power restored at Ambler Campus
Updated Tuesday, Oct. 30, 5 p.m.

Power has been restored to the Ambler campus. Ambler will be open for normal operation and classes will be held as scheduled beginning Wednesday, Oct. 31.

The intercampus shuttle bus will return to its normal schedule tomorrow. Due to uncertainty around the regional rail service, the shuttle schedule will be extended until 11 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday. Shuttle buses to the Ambler train station will begin as SEPTA begins to restore service to that line. For more information on Temple shuttle services, please visit the Facilities website.

At this time, power has not been restored to Fort Washington. Updates and information will be available at and the university's Facebook and Twitter feeds.


Contact instructors, supervisors regarding travel difficulties
Updated Tuesday, Oct. 30, 1:50 p.m.

Students anticipating travel difficulties or delays in getting to class on Wednesday should be in touch with their instructors directly. Likewise, employees who have similar concerns should be in touch with their supervisors.

Members of the Temple community who want to car pool are encouraged to use the Zimride car sharing service.


Temple resuming normal class and operations schedule on Wednesday
Updated Tuesday, Oct. 30, 10:20 a.m.

Temple University will be open, and classes will be held as scheduled, on Wednesday, Oct. 31. All personnel should report. This includes clinical operations at the schools of Dentistry and Podiatry. TASB will also be open for regular hours on Wednesday.

The status of the Fort Washington and Ambler campus for Wednesday is yet to be determined. At this time, power is not available at Ambler and Fort Washington. Those who have classes or activities on Wednesday at those facilities are urged to check back here during the day for updates. Updates will also be available through Temple’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Today on the Main Campus, food service will continue at Johnson & Hardwick, and at the Student Center. The Student Center is open for food service only. Student organization meetings scheduled for today at the Student Center have been canceled.

Beginning at 5 p.m. today, Tuesday, Oct. 30, the following facilities will be open with their regular hours: Paley Library, the TECH Center, the IBC and Pearson-McGonigle Hall. The City of Philadelphia currently is asking that no one travel into the city today, so these facilities are being opened for students who are on or near campus.

In addition to those facilities, TUrdoor and Owl Loop shuttle services will begin normal operation today at 6 p.m.

To be clear: There will be no day or night classes at any of Temple’s domestic campuses today, Tuesday, Oct. 30.

For information on public transportation, go to the SEPTA website for status updates.

On behalf of everyone at Temple University, we want to thank our staff and students for helping the university successfully weather Hurricane Sandy.


Effects of Hurricane Sandy continue, campuses remain closed
Updated Monday, Oct. 29, 6:15 p.m.

The impact of Hurricane Sandy is continuing to be felt throughout our area. All Temple day and evening classes and all activities at all domestic campuses are canceled for Tuesday, Oct. 30. Essential personnel only should plan to report as directed by their supervisors. Residence halls remain open with food service available. Temple's administration will continue to monitor the situation to determine the schedule for Wednesday, Oct. 31. Announcements about any changes on the class schedule for Wednesday will be made via TU Alert, on the University telephone hotline at 215-204-1975, and posted at, Facebook and Twitter. Students are reminded to contact 1-1234 or 215-204-1234 for Campus Safety Services in the event of an emergency.


Classes canceled, campuses closed Monday and Tuesday

The arrival of Hurricane Sandy is expected to bring harsh conditions and as a result, all Temple day and evening classes and all activities at all domestic campuses are being canceled for Monday, Oct. 29 and Tuesday, Oct. 30. Essential personnel only should plan to report as directed by their supervisors.

The residence halls will remain open and we plan to maintain food services as scheduled. Temple has made extensive preparations for this event, and will make every effort to keep our residential students safe. We advise students to remain indoors during the worst hours of the storms. Students who have an emergency should call 1-1234 or 215-204-1234 for Campus Safety Services.

As significant decisions are made, you can expect to receive an emergency notification via the TU Alert system.  You must register your cell phone to receive a TU Alert. Please visit now to register.

We will constantly monitor the impact Hurricane Sandy is having on the area over the next few days. Here’s how you can keep up to date:

• Temple’s homepage ( is the best source for the latest details on how the storm is impacting the university.
• Basic information will also be available via the university’s telephone hotline at 215-204-1975.
• KYW radio's Storm Center (1060-AM) announces changes to class schedules using a code number for each school.  The code for Temple University is 101 for daytime classes and 2101 for evening classes.
• Significant schedule change information will also be available through the University's Facebook and Twitter accounts.
• The National Weather Service is tracking Hurricane Sandy, issuing warnings and alerts and providing predictions about the storm's path. FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) has information on what to expect during a hurricane.

Important Information Resources:

Philadelphia Emergency Management:

Public Transportation:

University Employees: Inclement Weather and Unscheduled Campus Closings policy (04.31.12):

Employee Manual, section 14.17 on emergency closings:

Temple University Health System employees are not subject to these policies, but are subject to that of the Health System. Employees of the Medical School and Practice Plan must consult their supervisor for all decisions related to emergency closings.