Provost announces more than 700 faculty receive merit awards

Provost Hai-Lung Dai has announced faculty merit awards for 2013 for all meritorious activity in 2011-12. A record number of merit awards totaling 2,056 units of $600 each have been distributed to almost 700 individual faculty members. These awards will be paid in July 2013 in addition to the already predetermined 1.375 percent all faculty members will receive in their July pay.

Each year Temple University recognizes faculty for their outstanding performance in teaching and instruction, research, scholarship, creative activity and/or outstanding performance in university service, or service to the profession or discipline, explained the provost.

The process began in the Fall 2012 semester with faculty either being nominated or self-nominated. The merit awards were determined through a process that consisted of reviews conducted by departments, colleges or schools, deans and the provost.

Of the merit units awarded, research, scholarship, and/or creative activity comprised 62 percent of the awards. Approximately 20 percent of the merit units were awarded for teaching/instruction and 18 percent were awarded for service. Merit awards for teaching increased by about 3.5 percent from the prior year. 

“Awarding merit is a way to recognize our outstanding faculty for all that they do for Temple and our students,” Provost Dai explained. “This process is time consuming but of a critical nature." 

"The departments and deans did an outstanding job of recognizing those individuals whose performance distinguishes them and brings recognition to our university. I want to thank everyone for their role in the process,” said Dai.

Merit units will be added to each of the recipient’s base pay in the July 2013 payroll. 

A list of merit award recipients is available at the Office of the Provost's website.