Travel advisory for SEPTA Regional Rail riders

As Temple’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, I am writing to let you know about a continued rail-car shortage on SEPTA Regional Rail. It has substantially diminished train capacity and might affect your commute to campus due to modified schedules, delays and crowded conditions.

Over the summer, a defect was found that prompted SEPTA to pull 120 Silverliner V cars from service. These 120 cars represented approximately one-third of the Regional Rail fleet and accounted for about 13,000 seats.

Though SEPTA is doing everything it can to bring cars back to service and mitigate the situation, we want to bring your attention to commuting challenges you may face if using SEPTA Regional Rail and the need to monitor changes in schedules, train arrival times and fare collections.

Detailed information is available on SEPTA’s website. We have also compiled answers to frequently asked questions about the rail-car shortage specifically for the Temple community.

This FAQ provides tips to help you plan your commute and take advantage of services, such as Temple’s Commuter Lounge and a variety of alternative transportation options, including busses, the Broad Street Line subway, carpooling and bicycling.

Plan ahead as you prepare for the start of the academic year this Monday, Aug. 29, and be patient, especially over the first few weeks, as many students, faculty and staff adjust to this situation. Be safe in your travels and have a great year.

—Kevin G. Clark, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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