Staff update on COVID-19 measures

To all Temple University employees:

On Friday, you were notified that all university departments must implement business continuity plans that minimize the population on campus while continuing operations to the degree possible. As you know, federal, state and local directives surrounding best practices with regard to reducing the spread of COVID-19 are rapidly changing. Today, we learned that the City of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will order all non-essential businesses to shut down by 5 p.m. today and also will be shutting down all non-essential city services this week. 

Due to this change and the evolving circumstances surrounding this matter, schools, colleges, administrative and support units are directed to move to a model that limits the presence on campus to essential employees only. This means that if an employee’s presence on campus is not critical to continued operations, that employee should remain at home and work remotely, to the extent possible as directed by the supervisor, until further notice.

Whether or not an employee is considered essential for this purpose is up to each supervisor and/or manager. Each manager should assess which functions are critical and must continue, which employees must perform those functions and whether those functions must be performed on campus. For example, critical functions include supporting the continued operations of the university, critical research, and providing direct services to those students who must remain on campus. Please note that the definition of essential employees is not limited to those categories identified in the employee manual or those we've historically designated as such. 

This is an extraordinary circumstance, so it is imperative that each manager and employee communicate and understand clear expectations. Information Technology Services has pulled together a web page of information to help you work from off campus. See Tech Resources for Working Remotely for details.

We want to thank everyone in the Temple community for your efforts on behalf of our students and our core mission. Your dedication and judgment in this critical time continue to make us all proud. 


Richard M. Englert

JoAnne A. Epps
Executive Vice President and Provost