Update on incident from yesterday

Dear students, 

Yesterday, a Temple University student reported to the Temple University Police Department (TUPD) that on two occasions, a male suspect peeped into her apartment window, which is located within the patrol zone. The student was transported to Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) Special Victims Unit for an interview, and a TUPD detective is currently working with PPD detectives to investigate and hopefully identify the suspect. TUPD police officers are being briefed by their supervisors during pre-shift roll call and are patrolling the area to locate the suspect. 

While this is the only reported incident of this nature with the TUPD at this time, we wanted to be sure the Temple community is apprised, so they know to take the proper steps should any of them witness a similar incident. If there are additional victims, we urge you to call TUPD at 215-204-1234. We encourage all students and community members to immediately report to police if they see individuals lurking and peeping near windows and doors.  

Last month, we shared a number of safety tips, including: 

  • Ensure or maintain good lighting at all entrances and keep porch lights on at night. 
  • Lock your door and take your keys with you when you leave. 
  • Do not leave notes on your door stating that no one is home or when you will return. 
  • Keep your blinds or curtains closed after dark or while dressing. 
  • Do not loan your keys to anyone, and do not attach your TUid to your keys. 
  • If you come home and find signs of forced entry, don’t go inside. Instead, go to a safe location and call the police.   

For more information on safety resources, enhancements and updates, please see this dedicated webpage for university campus safety communications

Best regards, 

Jennifer D. Griffin 
Vice President of Public Safety at Temple University