Update regarding the ongoing TUGSA strike

Dear students,  

We know that your time as a student at Temple University is an educational opportunity related to the future of your career. We appreciate your continued focus on learning during this disruptive period.  

This week, we became aware of flyers posted around campus, emails and social media messages that urge you not to attend classes or complete assignments and to participate in a walkout—actions that could jeopardize your academic goals. Missing classes or assignments can impact your personal progress.

We want you to know that striking TUGSA members have no authority to cancel classes or make any promises regarding your attendance, grades or any other matter related to courses they are no longer teaching. We understand that some of these striking instructors are making this request while they continue attending classes, so as not to jeopardize their own academic progress.  

We appreciate the more than 80 percent of TUGSA members who have remained on the job and continue to teach and conduct research. We understand your concerns and hope to reach a fair and equitable agreement with the teaching assistants and research assistants who have chosen not to continue working. As we have been doing throughout the negotiations, we continue to meet with TUGSA representatives and the state mediators to work toward an agreement. 

It is our goal to minimize interruptions. Please contact your school or college if you have any questions or concerns. Your future is bright, and we are your committed partners in fulfilling that promise.


Gregory N. Mandel
Provost and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Law