TUGSA Update

To the Temple community, 

We are disappointed to learn that TUGSA did not ratify the tentative agreement reached with the university last Friday, Feb. 17. The agreement would have ended the three-week strike and returned the university to normal operations.   

The agreement provided for a retroactive increase to minima of 10% along with a one-time payment to every TUGSA-covered graduate student of $1,000 and increases to minima in each of the next three academic years of 5%, 2.5% and 2.25%, respectively. The agreement maintained free health coverage for graduate students and provided enhancements in benefits such as bereavement and parental leave. Finally, the agreement also provided retroactive healthcare subsidies, tuition remission and pay for striking students. 

Although the TUGSA leadership left the Friday meeting promising to unanimously recommend the agreement for ratification, the TUGSA membership did not ratify the agreement. Therefore, the parties will return to bargaining soon, and we will continue to negotiate with TUGSA in good faith as we have done to date. 

Ken Kaiser 
Chief Operating Officer