Formation of Special Committee of the Board

Dear Members of the University Community:

On March 13, a Special Committee of the University’s Board of Trustees was formed with the support of the President to provide a means for the Board to apply more rigorous attention to the urgent matters facing the University in a focused and expedient manner between Board meetings.

The Special Committee consists of the following Trustees: Lon Greenberg, Chair; Leon Moulder, Jr.; Bret Perkins; Phillip Richards; and Jane Scaccetti. As Board chair, Mitchell Morgan also serves on the Committee. Each Special Committee member is a leader of one or more of the following standing Board committees: Academic Affairs, Student Success, and Diversity; Compliance, Audit, and Risk; Executive Compensation and Organizational Development; External Affairs and Development; and Governance and Nominating.

The Committee will make recommendations to the Board or its standing committees, as appropriate, on issues of campus safety, enrollment, University engagement and responsiveness.

We recognize that solutions will be most effective, impactful, and long-lasting when they reflect the perspectives of our multi-faceted, diverse community. We are confident the University can overcome the issues it currently faces because we are committed to identifying the best solutions and harnessing the necessary resources to control our own fate.

Thank you for your attention and your shared dedication to the University.


Mitchell Morgan
Board of Trustees

Lon Greenberg
Special Committee