Diamond Award recognizes students’ overall accomplishments

The Dean of Students Office is now accepting applications for the Diamond Awards. The Diamond Award is the highest recognition given to a Temple University undergraduate student, based on a holistic evaluation of the student’s accomplishments. The award is reserved for those who have demonstrated superior leadership, academic achievement, service to the university and impact on a community (local, regional or global). Through these students’ leadership, it is clear that they are set apart from others as especially deserving of this unique honor. Award recipients will be recognized at the Annual Diamond Award Ceremony in May. 


Students must be in their junior or senior year to be recognized. Applicants may apply on their own, or may be nominated by a Temple University staff member, faculty member, student or university department. (Those students who are nominated will still need to complete an application.) 

To apply or to nominate a student, and to see complete guidelines, visit Nominations are due on March 3, 2008. Applications are due on March 31, 2008.

This year, the criteria have changed. The Dean of Students Office is interested in awarding students for their entire college experience, and will evaluate students on the following:

  • Academic excellence. Undergraduate applicants must maintain at least a 2.75 cumulative undergraduate grade-point average while enrolled at Temple. Minimum grade-point averages are a single component of the selection process; academic excellence also includes students’ demonstration of a passion for learning, willingness to explore new ideas, and creative application of knowledge to real-world solutions. Academic excellence is a demonstration of the applicant’s intellect and commitment to education.

  • Service to the university. Service to the university involves providing leadership and support to service initiatives that benefit the university community, the state of Pennsylvania, the nation, and/or the world. Service might include, but is not limited to, involvement in a student organization(s), volunteering in the Temple community or abroad, positional leadership on campus or in the community, and employment on campus. Preference is given to applicants who provide leadership for service initiatives, act with integrity while serving and represent Temple University with pride.

  • Impact. Applicants will be evaluated based on the overall impact of their work to the university, the community and the world. An applicant’s contribution or service should produce a positive change for others. Areas of impact might include, but are not limited to, academic fields of study, social change, cultural awareness and/or environmental preservation. 

  • Leadership. The applicant demonstrates effectiveness as a leader on and off campus. Leadership is about empowering others, challenging the process and creating a positive change. Leadership is not strictly positional; it also involves follower-ship and being a good team player.


The 2008 Diamond Awards Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, May 7.