New guidelines for students participating in activities

To help Temple students participate in university-recognized activities outside the classroom, the Office of the Provost has announced the implementation of new guidelines for students and faculty members.

“Participating in enriching activities outside the classroom is a critical part of a great education,” said Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Lisa Staiano-Coico. “Students who want to participate in research conferences, arts performances, intercollegiate sports and leadership meetings while making good academic progress deserve our support.”

Starting this semester, Temple students who participate in approved activities will be responsible for reviewing their syllabi and meeting with faculty members to identify potential conflicts.

If participation in university-recognized activities requires students to miss a class, faculty members may make accommodations such as accepting assignments via e-mail or on different dates, as well as rescheduling tests or having tests administered by proctors during activity-related trips.

Deans are responsible for determining which activities fall within the new guidelines. Students with questions about preapproved activities should contact the dean’s office of their school or college.

Temple student-athletes will be required to obtain faculty signatures on forms that outline their schedule of university-recognized activities.

For more details about the new guidelines or to obtain a student activity participation form for student-athletes, go to Student-athletes also may contact their advisors in the Center of Academic Advising and Support of Student-Athletes.