Posted February 1, 2013

Little snow, but winter sports go on for Temple students

Lack of snowfall in Philadelphia this season hasn't dampened Temple students' enthusiasm for winter sports. Twice in past two weeks, Temple organizations have created opportunities for students to participate in wintertime activities — without leaving the confines of campus.

On Jan. 24, the Temple Snowboard Club hosted a Rail Jam on Main Campus. Together with event co-sponsors Big Boulder Park and Subaru, the club dumped three truckloads of snow at the center of campus, constructing a snowboard ramp next to the Bell Tower. In frigid temperatures, participants took turns running the short course, jumping obstacles as fellow students looked on.

"(It's) definitely a way to bring winter to the campus," said junior club member Sean Sirrianna. "We just want to get everyone together have a good time.”

At Ambler Campus last Wednesday, Jan. 30, the Office of Student Life turned Bright Hall Lounge into an indoor skating rink — minus the chilly temperatures. Students and staff glided across the iceless rink, built by Neon Entertainment from four-by-eight foot panels and covered with a slick film.

“We wanted to do something new and different  something that hadn’t been done on this campus before," said Wanda Lewis-Campbell, Temple Ambler's dean for student life. "A lot of our students like ice-skating... so we said, we’ll bring the ice-skating to you.”

— Vaughn Shinkus