Posted August 13, 2015

10 things to do during Welcome Week (and 1 NOT to do)

Joseph V. Labolito
Temple Fest! Check out one of Welcome Week's most popular events on Wednesday.


  1. Download the TUmobile app to access all of the Welcome Week events on your phone. TUmobile is also a good way to re-up your Diamond Dollars and check your grades, though classes haven’t even started yet, so why are we talking about grades?

  2. Play bingo. Tuesday’s Bingo Bonanza is not your grandma’s bingo night, unless your grandma plays to win prizes that include an iPad, a TV and an Apple Watch. (Does your grandma even know what an Apple Watch is?)

  3. Sign up for Fly in 4 if you’re a freshman or transfer student and you want to limit your student debt. And who doesn’t want to limit their student debt?

  4. Try one of Philly’s famous cheesesteaks, and then burn it off along the city’s Schuylkill River Trail. There are two Indego bike stations on campus; sign up for a new account using your Temple email address and the promo code TempleMade15 for a $10 Indego30 membership.

  5. Go to new-student Convocation. Your fearless leader will be there to welcome you to Temple. Selfies will be taken. School spirit will be sown in your hearts. Also, it’s mandatory for first-year students and transfers.

  6. Go to the post-Convocation BBQ. Because free food. And more celebrating of you! (Seriously: We’re really, really glad you’re here, Owlets.)

  7. Scream for ice cream. Or just show up at Education Abroad’s ice cream social and they’ll give you a scoop, no screaming required. They’ll also tell you about opportunities to complete part of your Temple education in Italy or Japan or Ghana or just about any other country in the world.

  8. Bark like a dog. The comedic hypnotist at Friday night’s live show uses mind control or whatever to get audience members to howl at the moon and speak in tongues.

  9. Venture off campus and explore this great city. Free SEPTA day passes and trolley tours of North Philly’s murals are available on a first-come, first-served basis on Saturday.

  10. Go to bed early on Sunday. Catch the FREE 7 p.m. showing of Pitch Perfect 2 at the Reel and then head home so you can be up bright and early on Monday to read the next issue of Nutshell. And, you know, make it to your first class on time.


DON’T feed the squirrels. Not during Welcome Week, not ever, no. Just don’t.