Posted October 14, 2016

Fifth annual drag show: you better work

This event serves as a space for the Temple community to explore gender in an artistic and creative way.

Five dancers performing on stage.
Photography By: 
Ryan Brandenberg
National Coming Out Week's fifth annual drag show was help at Temple Performing Arts Center on Monday, Oct. 10.

The Temple Performing Arts Center was filled with an inspiring energy on Oct. 10. It wasn’t just the lights, though they were exhilarating—even mysterious at times. It wasn’t the music or the dancing or the performers taking the stage in 5-inch stiletto heels.

It was the unshakeable feeling of acceptance, love and support that truly filled the room at Temple’s National Coming Out Week fifth annual drag show—an event where individuals from the Temple community were invited to dress and present in the gender of their choice and perform on stage.

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