Posted November 8, 2016

Temple and the election season: photo highlights

Check out students who have claimed their “I voted” stickers, and photos from other high points throughout the campaign season.

A woman smiling with an “I voted sticker” on her shirt.
Photography By: 
Ryan Brandenberg
Temple’s impressive involvement with the 2016 election was caught on camera.

As Temple always says, Owls are everywhere. This couldn’t ring truer than during the 2016 campaign season—and many moments have been caught on camera.

Faculty shared their expert knowledge through local and national media. Student interns logged the same hours as the professionals during the Democratic and Republican national conventions. Temple Performing Arts Center opened its doors to a U.S. senatorial debate.

Temple’s involvement during the 2016 crossed many platforms leading up to the ultimate form of participation: voting. This Election Day marks the first presidential election in which many students are old enough to vote.

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