Posted February 12, 2018

Owls join celebration of Eagles' Super Bowl win

The Owls were out in full force during Thursday's parade to celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl victory. Relive the day through photos. 

A group of people cheering during the Eagles Super Bowl celebration
Photography By: 
Betsy Manning
A Temple hat makes a cameo among a group of people celebrating the Eagles during the parade in Center City.

Philadelphia became one big party on Thursday, as hundreds of thousands of people came together to celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl win during a victory parade through the city. Many Owls joined their fellow birds to celebrate the victory.

Relive the parade in photos, from Broad and Cecil B. to City Hall to the Parkway.

students in their Eagles gear outside the food wall on 12th Street
Students wear their Eagles gear on Main Campus before heading to the Super Bowl victory parade. (Photo: Joseph V. Labolito)

Crowd getting on the Broad Street Line at Cecil B. Moore
Students wait for the Broad Street Line to head to the Eagles parade Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018. (Photo: Joseph V. Labolito)

Fans wait at the Cecil B. Moore subway station
Eagles fans wait at the Cecil B. Moore/Temple University stop on the Broad Street Line. (Photo: Betsy Manning)

Fans pack the subway heading to the Eagles parade
Fans pack the Broad Street Line subway. (Photo: Ryan S. Brandenberg)

Philly Philly Dilly Dilly is written in the sky
A Super Bowl battle cry is written in the sky above City Hall. (Photo: Betsy Manning)

Crowds on Broad Street with Temple Morgan Hall in background
Eagles fans gather on North Broad Street during Thursday's Super Bowl victory parade. (Photo: Betsy Manning)

Fans climb statues with "Philly" written in sky behind them
Eagles fans climb a statue for a better vantage point as "Philly" is written in the sky behind them. (Photo: Ryan S. Brandenberg)

Eagles team members and managers on a bus during parade
The bus carrying the Lombardi Trophy passes through Center City during Thursday's Eagles victory parade. (Photo: Joseph V. Labolito)

Eagles players on bus during parade
Philadelphia Eagles players salute fans during their Super Bowl victory parade. (Photo: Joseph V. Labolito)

Eagles fans with a dog
A furry Eagles fan stays warm during the Super Bowl parade. (Photo: Betsy Manning)

People gathered atop a statue platform during the Eagles parade
An Owl among Eagles fans. (Photo: Betsy Manning)

A fan covers up with an Eagles blanket
A fan keeps warm. (Photo: Ryan S. Brandenberg)

Woman in a Super Bowl champions hat covering face, crying
A woman is overcome with emotion during the Eagles Super Bowl celebration. (Photo: Ryan S. Brandenberg)

The Eagles logo and colors are transposed on an American flag
The American flag goes green for the Eagles. (Photo: Ryan S. Brandenberg)

Person in dog mask on shoulders of person wearing Eagles mask
Fans show their spirit through "underdog" masks and Eagles gear. (Photo: Betsy Manning)

Eagles fans climbing a tree
A fan hangs from a tree in the parade crowd. (Photo: Ryan S. Brandenberg)

Little boy wearing green Eagles face paint
A little boy sports Eagles face paint. (Photo: Betsy Manning)

Philadelphia Police officers waving Eagles flag
Philadelphia Police officers show their Eagles spirit. (Photo: Joseph V. Labolito)

Confetti flying in Center City during Eagles parade
Confetti flies during the Super Bowl parade. (Photo: Joseph V. Labolito

The Philadelphia Museum of Art decked out in Eagles banners
Fans await the arrival of the Eagles outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. (Photo: Ryan S. Brandenberg)