Posted April 10, 2018

Annual faculty awards honor exemplary teaching, research and creativity

Educators and scholars from disciplines across the university including economics, law, medicine and music, are being honored for their accomplishments and contributions at the annual faculty awards ceremony.

President Richard M. Englert speaking at a podium
Photography By: 
Ryan S. Brandenberg
President Richard M. Englert delivers remarks at the 2018 Faculty Teaching, Research and Creative Awards.
Each year, Temple honors outstanding faculty members who demonstrate the highest levels of excellence in teaching, research and creativity. 
Awardees are nominated by students and colleagues at Temple and other institutions. Award committees comprised of faculty, with student input, then make recommendations to the provost and president for consideration. The Faculty Teaching, Research and Creative Awards are the university’s highest honors. 
“Our faculty are the backbone of this university,” President Richard M. Englert said. “Their teaching, research, creative activity and service have helped propel Temple to its current position as one of the nation’s great urban public universities.” 
This year’s recipients were honored at the annual Faculty Teaching, Research and Creative Awards ceremony April 9.
Dean Larry Kaiser and Dr. Amy Goldberg
Amy J. Goldberg, professor and the George S. Peters, MD and Louise C. Peters Chair of Surgery, Lewis Katz School of Medicine
“I know firsthand [Amy Goldberg] has saved many careers by lighting the path of what can sometimes be a dark and scary journey to becoming a surgeon. Every mentor can be supportive and proud of their student in times of winning, but it’s the losses that really require patience and dedication to education. There has never been a teacher more committed than Dr. Goldberg.”
—former student
Dean Richard Deeg and Professor William Stull
William J. Stull, professor of economics, College of Liberal Arts
“Bill’s greatest impact on me was his affirmation of me as a student. I didn’t have a lot of confidence when I began my studies at Temple, and I was totally unsure of what I should do. … Bill gave me the encouragement that I needed to go on for a PhD and a career in economics.”
—former student 
Jan L. Krzywicki, professor of music studies, Boyer College of Music and Dance
“I consider Jan Krzywicki to be one of the finest musicians of his generation, an artist who is making an important contribution to our musical life as both composer and conductor.”
Mark Salzer, professor of rehabilitation sciences, College of Public Health
“Dr. Salzer’s unprecedented research and steadfast efforts have brought scientific rigor to critical aspects of a recovery-oriented care. He was a trailblazer in understanding the importance of the issue of community integration and recognizing that mental health systems around the world should embrace and adopt this community-focused perspective.”
—government official 
Jean-Pierre Issa, professor of medicine, Lewis Katz School of Medicine
“Dr. Issa shows a great flair for translational research and is probably the individual in the United States who is most capable of translating basic science observations on methylation changes into the clinical arena.”
Robert L. Bettiker, professor of clinical medicine, Lewis Katz School of Medicine
“Dr. Bettiker tirelessly fought for the incorporation of LGBTQ health topics in the medical school curriculum. He spearheaded efforts to work with students and faculty to develop new curricula and delivered lectures he personally developed to educate students and faculty on topics that promoted foundational awareness of sex, gender and sexuality in medicine. … Not only did Dr. Bettiker fill a void, he has been integral to cultivating students prepared for a career in medicine in the 21st century.” 
—current student
Deborah A. G. Drabick, associate professor of psychology, College of Liberal Arts
“Dr. Drabick is a distinguished professor and mentor who continually touches the lives of many students, colleagues, and families. Through her dedication and optimism to her research and her caring and supportive nature in teaching, Dr. Drabick remains consistently positive and encouraged me to work hard to reach my future educational and career goals. I feel certain that my success and dedication to becoming a competent mental health professional has been positively influenced by her.”
—former student
Dean Laura Siminoff and Associate Professor Margaret Foley
Margaret M. Foley, associate professor of instruction in health services administration and policy, College of Public Health
“Every day, Dr. Foley seems to find ways to go above and beyond for her students. I remember one stormy winter, she videotaped her lectures for students who were unable to trek through the snow to get to class. Those were the days before enhanced online learning capabilities … she was a pioneer, just to help her students learn.”
—former student
Crystal M. Harold, associate professor of human resource management, Fox School of Business
“While I have seen many dedicated teachers during my years at the Fox School, what distinguishes Dr. Harold from others is that, in addition to performing at the highest level in fulfilling her teaching responsibilities, she continues to conduct high-quality research.”
Dean Greg Mandel presents an award to Professor Tom Lin
Tom C.W. Lin, professor of law, Beasley School of Law
“It is his undivided commitment to student success that truly makes Professor Lin special. He has gone way above and beyond the call of duty in helping students secure externships, find answers to their questions, and generally handle the various stressors of law school. He embraces the chance to assist students in whatever ways he is able, and that is the mark of a dedicated professor.” 
—current student 
David Pasbrig, assistant professor of instruction in music studies, Boyer College of Music and Dance
“Professor Pasbrig stood out to me during my time at Temple as one of the most dedicated and passionate teachers I had the pleasure to study with. I learned from him both as a student in his sound recording classes as well as an employee in the recording studio. … Professor Pasbrig is a natural mentor and is always looking for a way to help his students move forward in their craft as well as in their all-around professional lives.” 
—former student
Kenneth Finkel, professor of instruction in history, College of Liberal Arts
“When I am in the presence of an engaging teacher, I often find myself having to hold back, so eager am I to contribute alongside the students. Having visited Ken’s class this semester, I don’t just want to speak up; I want to take the class.”