Posted October 11, 2019

30 Under 30 honorees return to campus to celebrate

Several of the alumni honored as Temple’s 30 Under 30 made a visit to campus last week to accept their awards.

30 Under 30 honorees take a bathroom selfie Met Gala-style
Photography By: 
Joseph V. Labolito
Alumni honorees who attended the 30 Under 30 breakfast and awards presentation take a Met Gala-style bathroom selfie during the event.

Several of the 30 trailblazing young alumni selected from more than 100 nominees returned to campus to accept their awards and reconnect with Temple.

See a photo recap of the event, held on the 27th floor of Morgan Hall, overlooking the city, below, and meet all of the 30 Under 30

Malcolm Kenyatta, Sofia Ballin, Thoreau Witherspoon
Honorees State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, KLN ’12 (background), journalist Sofiya Ballin, KLN ’14, and current student Thoreau Witherspoon, Class of 2023

Group of 30 Under 30 honorees
Honorees (left to right) Bri Steves, KLN ’16, Sofiya Ballin, KLN ’14, Eli LaBan, KLN ’17, Maggie Andresen, KLN ’17, Rafael Logroño, KLN ’17, ’19, and Kristal Bush, CLA ’12 

Maggie Andresen laughing, talking with attendees
Maggie Andresen, KLN ’17, talks with attendees during the 30 Under 30 breakfast and awards. 

30 Under 30 trophies with Philly skyline
Trophies given to the awardees

State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta gives an interview
Malcolm Kenyatta, KLN ’12, speaks with Temple Update.

Hope Watson gives an interview
Hope Watson, CPH ’17, gives an interview to Temple Update

Kamali Thompson and Honors Senior Director Ruth Ost
Kamali Thompson, CST ’12, and Temple Honors Senior Director Ruth Ost