Posted March 25, 2022

Temple faculty honored for excellent teaching, research, creative achievement and service

Temple celebrates teachers and scholars across the university for their outstanding contributions and accomplishments

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Ryan S. Brandenberg
Temple University honors its 2022 faculty award winners.

Every year, Temple celebrates its faculty members’ accomplishments in teaching, research, creativity and service with the faculty awards—the university’s highest honors given to teachers and scholars.

Current and former students as well as colleagues at Temple nominate the awardees.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s awards ceremony was held virtually. Read testimonials about what makes these faculty members exceptional. (Quotations were selected from each awardee’s nomination packet.)

Great Teacher Award

Image of Maria E. Lorenz(Photo courtesy of Maria E. Lorenz)

Maria E. Lorenz, professor of instruction in mathematics, College of Science and Technology

“A stellar teacher and adviser, Maria Lorenz has an unparalleled ability to teach, inspire and provide insightful career guidance to undergraduate and graduate students. Her wise advice, her ability to listen, unabated enthusiasm for mathematics, genuine compassion, objectivity and encouraging optimism have fundamentally impacted generations of students at Temple University.”—colleague

Faculty Award for Creative Achievement

Image of Karyn Olivier(Photography by Joseph V. Labolito)

Karyn Olivier, professor of art, Tyler School of Art and Architecture

“Professor Olivier is a visionary artist whose work illuminates invisible histories for broad, public audiences. She is at the forefront of investigations into the problems and opportunities presented by historic public monuments. Indeed, her record of artistic contributions places her at the top of her field and among the most distinguished artists in the United States. She is a rare treasure whose creative achievements are matched by her pedagogical accomplishments, and we are extremely fortunate to count her as a member of our faculty.”—colleague

Paul W. Eberman Faculty Research Award

Image of Ho-Lun Wong(Photo courtesy of Ho-Lun Wong)

Ho-Lun Wong, professor of pharmaceutical sciences, School of Pharmacy

“What is truly exceptional in Dr. Wong’s research portfolio has been his success at procuring federal funding from both the National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense, which validates his extraordinary ability to identify critical medical and pharmaceutical needs as well as develop creative solutions to them.”—colleague

Faculty Research Award

Image of John W. Elrod(Photo courtesy of John W. Elrod)

John W. Elrod, associate professor of cardiovascular sciences, Lewis Katz School of Medicine

“John Elrod has emerged as a leader in his field of cardiovascular research … but perhaps most importantly, John is a creative and brave scientist who is poised to continue to make new and exciting discoveries relevant to cardiovascular disease. His work will undoubtedly lead to new breakthrough therapies.”—colleague

Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award

Image of Heath Fogg Davis(Photo courtesy of Heath Fogg Davis)

Heath Fogg Davis, professor of political science, College of Liberal Arts

“Professor Davis is so impactful in his teaching because of the strong relationships he develops with his students. He listens actively to every student’s perspective and facilitates a learning environment based on mutual respect, acceptance and constructive discussion. He prioritizes maintaining a safe, intimate classroom environment where everyone is able to show up as their authentic selves and learn from one another—something not easily found at a large university.”—former student

Image of Jason C. Gallagher(Photo courtesy of Jason C. Gallagher)

Jason C. Gallagher, clinical professor of pharmacy practice, School of Pharmacy

“Dr. Gallagher exemplifies all of the attributes of a distinguished teacher: He leads by example, incorporates new teaching modalities into his training and is the greatest advocate for his students and residents. He has greatly shaped who I am today as a pharmacist, an [infectious disease] ID clinician and as a person, and I owe much of my success to him.”—former student

Image of Cheryl A. Hyde(Photo courtesy of Cheryl A. Hyde)

Cheryl A. Hyde, associate professor of social work, School of Social Work in the College of Public Health

“The lifelong impact of taking a class with Dr. Hyde cannot be underscored enough. She has a way of facilitating growth in students that is not only in my experience as a student unmatched but continues far past graduation … With Dr. Hyde I learned practical and critical thinking skills that I employ every day in the field. Even now, as an alumnus, I seek out opportunities to attend courses with Dr. Hyde to continue growing these skills because I derived so much value from her as an educator. I firmly believe that because of her mentorship and guidance in the classroom I am a better social worker and a better version of myself.”—former student

Image of Karen Lin(Photo courtesy of Karen Lin)

Karen Lin, professor of clinical medicine and the Abraham Roth Chair in Preventative Medicine, Lewis Katz School of Medicine

“Dr. Lin has a steady teaching hand that allows her to set expectations and provide formative feedback to the precise level of each learner. She is a perfect role model for compassion, thoroughness and the holistic approach to health. She leads by example, but she is also able to craft individual plans for students in the clinic while providing just the right level of support. Our students and residents are fortunate to have someone with the gravitas, respect and effectiveness of Karen Lin as an educational innovator and leader.”—colleague

Image of Timothy J. Patterson(Photo courtesy of Timothy J. Patterson)

Timothy J. Patterson, assistant professor of teaching and learning, College of Education and Human Development

 “As someone who spent 12 years studying in higher education, I can firmly state that I have never encountered a professor like Tim, both as a master of his craft and as a sincere mentor to his students. From the very first interaction, his thoughtful, genuine desire to help was evident.”—former student

Image of Vallorie J. Peridier(Photo courtesy of Vallorie J. Peridier)

Vallorie J. Peridier, associate professor of mechanical engineering, College of Engineering

“Dr. Peridier is my most admired relationship I have made in my college career. Whatever problem or question I have, she is there to help solve it in the most beneficial way. She is a true inspiration for engineering students, especially female engineers. Her academic support translates much farther than coursework into professional relationships and friendships.”—former student

Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence in General Education

Image of Lori A. Shorr(Photo courtesy of Lori A. Shorr)

Lori A. Shorr, associate professor of instruction in psychological studies in education, College of Education and Human Development

“While her work as an instructor of individual classes has been excellent, it is Dr. Shorr’s leadership as coordinator of this [Kids in Crisis] course that has allowed her to have the biggest impact. Dr. Shorr has utilized her professional network to staff Kids in Crisis with teachers who represent the diversity of our students and who bring extensive experience teaching issues of race and diversity … she has gone out of her way to identify and cultivate instructors of color whose expertise and experience add enormously to students’ experiences. And, perhaps even more importantly, once instructors are hired, she includes them in an active and engaged community designed to support and enrich their teaching.”—colleagues

Part-time Faculty Excellence in Teaching and Instruction Award

Image of Peter A. Cavallo(Photo courtesy of Peter A. Cavallo)

Peter A. Cavallo, adjunct professor in mechanical engineering, College of Engineering

“Dr. Cavallo has an exceptional teaching track record and has been consistently admired by students in a variety of courses. He has proven that not only he is very knowledgeable and teaches very effectively but can also inspire the students and transfer his passion to them. Dr. Cavallo brings his significant experience in industry to academia and has the talent to make highly technical subjects understandable by giving real-world examples.”—colleague

Image of Judith S. Flaxman(Photo courtesy of Judith S. Flaxman)

Judith S. Flaxman, adjunct assistant professor in accounting, Fox School of Business and Management

“Notably, [Flaxman] has distinguished herself by her long-term dedication to the Accounting Department’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, which focuses on teaching students to prepare tax returns for low- to moderate-income taxpayers. She is leveraging her knowledge of taxation to mentor students in a high-level experiential learning activity. This program also had a tremendous positive impact on the community … Her passion for the subject [accounting], outstanding teaching, creativity, longevity and impact on her students … is inspiring.”—colleague

Image of Howard S. Shapiro(Photo courtesy of Howard S. Shapiro)

Howard S. Shapiro, adjunct instructor in journalism, Klein College of Media and Communication

"[Professor] Shapiro is a wonderful, smiling presence at all meetings. And while he is a humble, self-deprecating man, he is also insightful and brilliant. He has been generous with his time, with his students in particular and with his alma mater in general.”—colleague

Faculty Senate Outstanding Faculty Service Award

Image of Magid Abou-Gharbia(Photo courtesy of Magid Abou-Gharbia)

Magid Abou-Gharbia, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy

“In addition to his scholarly and entrepreneurial successes, Professor Abou-Gharbia has provided significant service to Temple University and the field of biomedical research … Professor Abou-Gharbia has dedicated his time to further the goals and missions of Temple University School of Pharmacy and Temple University as a whole.”—colleagues

Image of Charles Weitz(Photo courtesy of Charles Weitz)

Charles Weitz, professor of anthropology, College of Liberal Arts

“He is an ever-present force in every department function or activity, using his knowledge of Temple University, the history of the department and personal wisdom to contribute to all parts of anthropology over these 50 years.”—colleague

Image of Andrea WenzelImage of Bryan Monroe(Photos courtesy of Andrea Wenzel and Klein College of Media and Communication)

Andrea Wenzel, assistant professor of journalism, Klein College of Media and Communication, and Bryan Monroe, late associate professor of practice in journalism, Klein College of Media and Communication

“It is not an overstatement to say that the service work led by professors Wenzel and Monroe has changed the course of journalism in Philadelphia and nationally. In doing so, they have brought much positive local and national attention to our college and university, and—more importantly—some much-needed change to our region’s primary news source. In doing that, they have provided a profound service to this community.”—colleague

Temple University Alumni Association Stauffer Award for Distinguished Faculty Service

Image of Munir Mandviwalla(Photo courtesy of Munir Mandviwalla)

Munir Mandviwalla, professor of management information systems, Fox School of Business and Management

“It is impossible to overstate the service contributions Dr. Mandviwalla has made to the Fox School, Temple University and the field of management information systems. He is an institution-builder and a transformative leader. His more than 25 years of outstanding leadership is an example of how faculty should serve their institution and its students.”—colleague