Posted December 7, 2023

Temple and TAUP continue contract negotiations, look to schedule January meeting times

At the suggestion of the university, Temple and TAUP have moved on from temporary exension talks and are focused on reaching a full, four-year agreement. The parties are next scheduled to meet on Dec. 14, and are working on finalizing January dates.

Temple students walking across campus.
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Ryan S. Brandenberg

Temple University and the Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP) continue to meet in an effort to reach a new four-year contract after the previous collective bargaining agreement between the two parties expired on Oct. 15, 2023. TAUP is the union that represents full- and part-time faculty members, librarians and academic professionals at 13 of Temple’s 17 schools and colleges.  

Temple and TAUP have been meeting since August, and the most-recent negotiating sessions have been productive as the parties have reached tentative agreements on several proposals. Some of these include revisions to the grievance and arbitration processes, the formalization of scheduled time off for librarians and the deletion of dated material in the contract that was no longer relevant. TAUP has not made any wage proposals yet. 

In mid-October, Temple proposed an extension to its current agreement with TAUP, which would have run through June 30, 2024, and would have seen a total increase pool of 5% for all full-time TAUP members retroactive to July 1 (4% across the board, 1% merit). It also included an approximately 12% increase to the minimum pay for part-time faculty members and was retroactive to the beginning of the fall 2023 semester. 

During negotiations on Nov. 1, TAUP rejected the extension, offering a counter extension proposal that would run through just Jan. 16 and involved substantial contract changes. On Dec. 1, the university responded that its time with TAUP is better spent continuing to try to reach an agreement on a full contract rather than a short-term extension. 

“One of the main challenges here is time, and the extension proposal from the university was intended to both reward our hardworking faculty members, who are among the only employees who have not yet received a raise this year, while also providing Temple and TAUP with ample time to reach a new four-year agreement before the proposed June 30 deadline,” said Sharon Boyle, vice president for human resources. “TAUP’s counter extension proposal covers only two months, included significant long-term changes to the contract, spans winter break and we had only a few scheduled collective bargaining sessions with the union before their proposed extension would end." 

“The extension we proposed in mid-October included a year’s worth of salary increases, and it is among the highest single-year increases that Temple has ever offered this bargaining unit. It would have largely continued the existing contract terms during the extension.  It would have brought stability for Temple students, faculty and staff. Unfortunately, a two-month extension that includes winter break, like the one TAUP countered with, and makes significant, long-term contract changes, does not bring with it that same stability, and that is why we think it is best that we now focus our time on reaching a full agreement,” Boyle added.  

TAUP and Temple are next scheduled to meet on Dec. 14, and the two parties are working on finalizing January dates. 

“We are still optimistic,” Boyle said. “The reality is that we are still early in the negotiating process. The primary goal remains the need to provide fair conditions and compensation for faculty, librarians and academic professionals, while also honoring our commitment to keep a Temple education affordable for our students. This process takes time, but as long as we are able to develop a cadence of meeting regularly with TAUP, we will get there.” 

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