Posted November 21, 2011

Faces of Temple: LaToya Stroman

LaToya Stroman: Faces of Temple

Year: Senior

Faces of Temple: LaToya Stroman

School: School of Communications and Theater

Major: Broadcasting, telecommunications and mass media

Home town: Philadelphia


Why I chose Temple: "I originally went to another school. There was a fire in my home and I had to leave college and work full time to help my mother and put my sister through school. I ended up at the Community College of Philadelphia. I was more mature, more focused — and I had a plan. I knew I wanted do something in the communications world — to be a positive image for young women — and I knew Temple had a great communications school. I took advantage of the core-to-core transfer agreement between Temple and CCP [that accepts transfer students who have earned an appropriate associate's degree as having met Temple's core requirements.] For me, it was a second chance."

Transformative moment: "I remember sitting on a friend's couch, checking my e-mail and reading the words 'Congratulations, you have been accepted to the School of Communications and Theater's Study Away program in London.' That's when I knew my life would be changing. And it did. I had the opportunity to live and study in London. I loved it. I loved the classes (my favorite was travel writing), I loved the diversity of London and I loved the people. I interned at Shorts International, a film company. They offered me a job when I graduate. I think that living in another country and really digging into their culture made me more marketable. I have a broader world view."