Posted May 20, 2008

Introducing Karen Shuey

Bachelor of arts: journalism, with a minor in political science

Photo by Joseph V. Labolito/Temple University
Karen Shuey

Hometown: Lebanon County, Pa.

What led you to journalism? “I was in charge of my elementary school newspaper and my teacher recognized my talent. I was always curious and asking questions. I like to observe people. I like to tell people’s stories. What I’ve learned in college is that everyone has a story. Everyone is newsworthy. You can find something interesting in every person.”

What led you to Temple? “I wanted to cover politics and I wanted a city school. If you want a job like covering politics, you have to make connections. Plus, Lebanon County is very rural. It’s a different environment than this. Temple got me the moment that I set foot on campus. I took a tour of Temple and I thought it was a really good place.”

You’re on the student editorial board at The Philadelphia Inquirer. How did you connect with them? “I was taking an editorial writing class and my professor, Larry Atkins, recommended me to [Inquirer editorial page associate editor] John Timpane.”

You’ve worked for the Temple Times since your sophomore year. How did you connect with us? “I came to the Temple Times through my “Writing for Journalism” class. Ray Betzner [director of News Communications] came and talked to my class. He asked my teacher, Chuck Newman, to recommend some student writers. He recommended me and I got the job.”

What was your favorite internship? “The summer of my freshman year, I got an internship at the Lebanon Daily News, my hometown newspaper. I learned so much from being an intern. There were only six people on staff, so I was basically a staff writer, working 40 hours a week for 2 1/2 months. I worked until I got the story right and I spent nights there. There was a sense of family there. They wanted to help me. It was so exciting.”